drone disaster response and emergency management with unmanned systems

Disaster Response

Aerial Support to Disaster Monitoring & Recovery Operations

Unmanned Aerial Systems are increasingly utilized to augment disaster damage assessments and recovery operations.  Whether rapid deployment high resolution imaging & mapping or assistance to search and rescue operations - our aerial platforms can provide the aerial intelligence required to improve incident command situational awareness, team safety, response time, efficiency and critical resource management.  All our platforms are highly portable, enabling teams to get eyes-on in areas and under conditions that manned aircraft cannot service.  Leveraging our inverter generators we can sustain off-grid aerial operations in hard hit areas. We are also a proud member of the Airborne Incident Response Team (AIRT).

Did You Know?

The FAA recently established the Special Governmental Interest process to accelerate the UAS operations waiver and authorization process so operators can secure the requisite approvals to support emergency operations.