Leverage the Aerial Advantage

Sports Practices & Facility Overviews

Drone based photography & videography enables you to capture advantageous perspectives previously reserved for the pros.  Whether you are interested in overview perspectives of your player movements during drills or recording professional quality video of the big game - Dragonfly is here to provide you the competitive edge.  Overhead video offers angles that simply cannot be matched from the bleachers. 

Nothing highlights an athletic program better than high resolution facility overviews. Enhance your school's website, promotional & recruitment content today!   Running a large multi-field athletic event?  Ensure a smooth event by enabling your spectators with aerial facility overviews & maps!

Quality Gaurentee

As a small company with a passion for aerial photography & video, we focus on customized, quality, affordable solutions that meet our customers' needs. We will work with you at every stage of the process to guarantee delivery of the unique images and video your project demands.    

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